Warehouse management software for small business features:
  1. Stock postings are used to maintain current stocks. Every shift between storage bins or the goods receipt and issue are posted.

  2. Inventory information helps to quickly find items in storage bins

  3. Storage bin management helps to manage stocks in storage bins

  4. Barcode capture is used for the precise identification of articles

  5. Import/export for ERP and database systems to exchange data

Warehouse management software for small business Advantages:
  1. COSYS overall responsibility - one contact person

  2. Easy and secure capture using barcode technology!

  3. Easy to implement, connection to your enterprise resource planning system

  4. Offline capture and synchronization thanks to offline-online solution

  5. Overview of the entire process chain via WebDesk

  6. Additional features such as serial number management and control

  7. Solution with fast return on investment (RoI), thanks to overall optimization strategy

  8. Process know-how and industry-independent standards