Added value / benefit as a COSYS customer:
  1. Put an end to a paper and pen economy once and for all. COSYS software solutions offer you the opportunity to digitize and optimize your business processes thanks to mobile data capture.

  2. You use an ERP system in your company? COSYS software solutions can be connected via interface with all common and industry-specific ERP systems. An exchange of the recorded data with the ERP system as well as the import of the master data stored in the ERP system into COSYS software solution is no obstacle.

Difference from the competition:
  1. COSYS offers the complete package. To get the most out of mobile data collection, COSYS offers you not only the software, but also the necessary hardware and associated services.

  2. Local or online? COSYS software solutions can be installed online in a cloud (e.g. COSYS Cloud) or locally on a server provided by you.

  3. Secure traceability. By regularly recording the article codes in the individual work processes, complete traceability is ensured. The history of an individual item can be tracked at any time in the COSYS back end.

  4. Borrow instead of buy. Your next inventory is just around the corner? Instead of buying the required MDE devices, COSYS offers you the possibility to borrow them from a large loan pool.