Freight Forwarding / Package Services Software Features:
  1. Data transfer to the backend

  2. Map delivery digitally

  3. Manage the item information

  4. Manage loading equipment

  5. Inventory by means of mobile data acquisition

  6. View the utilization of loading equipment

  7. Digital mapping of business processes

  8. Retrieval of stored article data

  9. Manage master data in COSYS WebDesk

  10. Retrieval of the article history

  11. Maintaining the inventory

Freight forwarding / parcel services software advantages:
  1. Modular design enhances the user experience and makes the software easy to use

  2. Enables the tracking of the movement of goods

  3. Clear interfaces ensure a quickly familiar layout

  4. Time and cost savings thanks to transparent flow of goods

  5. Load management facilitates the distribution of resources

  6. Interfaces to all common as well as industry-specific ERP systems / enterprise resource planning systems

  7. Customization and platform independence

  8. Digitization of the business processes of freight forwarders and parcel services

  9. Additional security through signature capture and TARGET / ACTUAL comparison