Inventory functions:
  1. Retrieve item information

  2. Insight into the article movement

  3. Use of MDE devices, smartphones and tablets as mobile terminals

  4. Manage the inventory

  5. Digitize inventory management

  6. Maintaining the inventory

  7. Efficient design of incoming and outgoing goods

  8. Perform inventory through item code scan

  9. Trace stock transfers

Inventory Advantages:
  1. Promoting customer loyalty

  2. Time savings thanks to effective processes

  3. Versatile applicable

  4. Optimization of resource allocation

  5. Can be used independent of platform

  6. As a stand-alone solution or with interface to all common or industry-specific ERP systems / enterprise resource planning systems

  7. Creation of an optimal basis for consultation by retrieving article information

  8. Time saving inventory

  9. Optimization of the flow of goods

  10. End of a paper and pen economy