Pharmaceutical Industry / Pharmaceutical Wholesale Software Functions:
  1. Quality management provides feedback on the condition of the goods

  2. Scanning of article codes is done with the help of smartphones, MDE devices or handheld scanners

  3. Digital mapping of processes along the entire pharmaceutical industry / pharmaceutical wholesale supply chain

  4. Recording of warehousing processes (e.g. goods receipt, stock transfer, picking, etc.)

  5. If an internet connection is available, there is a real-time data exchange with the back-end

  6. Traceability is ensured by article code scan in individual work steps

Pharmaceutical Industry / Pharmaceutical Wholesale Software Advantages:
  1. Interfaces to all common and industry-specific ERP systems possible

  2. Modular software promotes uncomplicated application

  3. Time and cost savings thanks to transparent and traceable business processes

  4. Digitization of business processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry / pharmaceutical wholesaling

  5. User-friendly layout ensures quick familiarity with the software

  6. Platform independent use

  7. Customized software modules map customer-specific processes

  8. Traceability of the flow of goods is ensured