Transportation planning functions:
  1. Software uses delivery bills / orders from ERP system

  2. Trace back the steps performed and view the status of the package

  3. Calling up the freely available loading means

  4. Manage the loading means

  5. Book loading means of a tour

  6. Loading with order / delivery bill digitally counter-scan

  7. Digital mapping of the delivery

  8. Signature capture on delivery

  1. TARGET/ACTUAL comparison protects against missing quantities

  2. Preventing a shortage of loading equipment

  3. Can be used independent of platform

  4. More effective scheduling of loading equipment

  5. Simple layout ensures quick familiarity

  6. As stand-alone solution or with connection to ERP system / enterprise resource planning system

  7. Better route planning through simplified resource allocation

  8. Digital customer signature ensures security

  9. No more empty runs

  10. No more wrong deliveries