Shipment tracking (track and trace)

Shipment tracking (track and trace) software

Track and trace is an important part of logistics and stands here for the tracking of shipments, items or packages.

Shipment tracking in transport management

Every item and every package is clearly identified and every step of the process chain is tracked via track and trace. Whether in production, in the warehouse or during shipping - track and trace provides information about when and where the goods are located throughout the entire process chain. This profitable solution offers companies a particularly high benefit in one specific area, namely in the transport/shipping process

With COSYS Transport Management System (TMS) and COSYS Track and Trace solution you can track all deliveries and packages with their respective status - from order entry, picking and staging to transport handling and delivery/delivery to the customer. This information can be viewed in the COSYS WebDesk (post-processing and administration software). In addition, reports can be generated in WebDesk, e.g. for evaluation purposes or as receipts.

With the COSYS Track and Trace solution, you always keep an eye on the status of your shipment and can thus determine an estimated time of delivery.

Sendungsverfolgung (Track and Trace) COSYS
Shipment tracking (track and trace) functions:
  1. Evaluation options thanks to COSYS WebDesk

  2. Live information about current status of individual shipments, items or packages

  3. Real-time data connection with the company network via WLAN/UMTS

  4. Immediate troubleshooting and root cause analysis (e.g. in case of shrinkage)

Shipment tracking (Track and Trace) Advantages:
  1. Transparent tracking of shipments, items or packages

  2. Increase efficiency

  3. Benefit from high return on investment (ROI)

Process Flow Shipment Tracking (Track and Trace) Software

Each item and/or shipment is provided with a barcode label and clearly identified with the powerful barcode scanner from COSYS. This code is transferred to a central database so that both the customer and the service provider can use it to track all shipments. Each step of the delivery can be retrieved and viewed by all parties through the scanner function. The order ends with the correct delivery and the digital signature of the recipient. Thanks to the new COSYS Cloud solution, the IT system behind it is also easy to use.

Sendungsverfolgung (Track and Trace) Transport Management Software

Parcel store management shipment tracking

Parcel store management shipment tracking

For parcel stores, tracking is especially important to keep customers up to date that parcels are there for you and to remind you if parcels are already overdue. Of course, tracking individual parcels is also important so that the history of a shipment remains traceable and no parcels are lost.

COSYS Inhouse Logistics Package Management

COSYS Inhouse Logistics Package Management

For organizations of any kind, it is especially important that tracking be continued by parcel carriers to ensure that all shipments find their way to employees. Losses only hold up operations and can be costly. Notifying recipients via email keeps employees informed at all times.

Transport in Package Management

Transport in Package Management

For parcel service providers, it´s critical that customers receive their shipments on time, complete and intact. That´s where shipment tracking comes into play. Thanks to shipment tracking, it is always possible to track where a parcel is and which employee is processing it. The e-mail notification keeps the customer informed.

Delivery scanning

Delivery scanning

Track & trace is also important for supplying customers with materials of all kinds. The whereabouts of the materials are precisely documented, thus minimizing errors during delivery. The employee making the delivery is documented and he must cross-check the quantity delivered. For example, after the materials have been loaded, the customer can be informed by e-mail that the delivery is on its way.

Loading equipment management

Loading equipment management

Track & Trace is elementary for the management of loading equipment and containers. Because with Track & Trace you never lose track of which customer has which loading equipment/container. If loading equipment/containers are with a customer for too long, the customer is reminded by e-mail.

Shipment tracking (track and trace) monitoring software

With each scan of an item or package with the COSYS Transport Software on the MDE device, the status of the respective item or package changes. Thus, the process and shipment history can be easily viewed in the back office using the COSYS WebDesk (post-processing and administration software). In addition, reports can be generated in the WebDesk, e.g. for evaluation purposes or as receipts.

Do you already have an ERP system and would like to expand it?

As far as interfaces to ERP systems are concerned, COSYS has already gained a great deal of experience and is already familiar with most enterprise resource planning systems. A connection to an Active Directory or automated file imports/exports are also possible. Likewise, the creation of reports according to customer specifications or COSYS samples is possible.

  • MDE Schnittstelle zu Dynamics NAV (Navision)
  • MDE Schnittstelle Dynamics AX (Axapta) ERP Lösungen
  • MDE Lösung für Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warenwirtschaft
  • SAP SERKEM Warenwirtschaft ERP Software
  • COSYS Schnittstellen zu der ERP Software Infor
  • COSYS MDE Lösung und Schnittstelle zu proALPHA
  • COSYS MDE Lösung und Schnittstelle zu Sage Office Line
  • VLEX COSYS Software Anbindung
  • SANGROSS COSYS Software Anbindung
  • COSYS MDE Lösung und Schnittstelle zu weclapp
  • MDE Schnittstelle Selectline COSYS
  • MDE Lösung für prohandel Warenwirtschaft ERP Einzelhandel
  • K.I.S.S. (live) Warenwirtschaftssysteme / ERP Systeme
  • TopM Warenwirtschaftssysteme / ERP Systeme
  • Nissen Velten Warenwirtschaftssysteme / ERP Systeme

FAQs on shipment tracking at Transport Management

The shipment tracking for your customer deliveries is stored by the COSYS software as long as you need it. Simply define a period of time, about half a year, in which all transport units (packages and parcels) and load carriers remain traceable. Data such as delivery time, customer signature or GPS coordinates of the unloading location remain visible and retrievable during this period.

COSYS can make you an initial offer for your transport software and thus for shipment tracking as soon as your processes and wishes are clear. Often this happens in one appointment. In this appointment, our specialists present the software and you consider which features you need from the software and how many people should work with it. On this basis, you will then receive a cost overview.

There are roughly two ways to update the shipment tracking in the COSYS WebDesk web tool: Many customers synchronize the recorded delivery data at the end of the tour when the driver is reconnected to the WLAN in the HUB or central warehouse. Alternatively, the mobile app sends the latest delivery proofs via mobile data after each customer stop. In this way, shipment tracking is updated several times during the tour and is thus

COSYS Track and Trace is mostly used as a mixed operation with an online loading and an offline delivery. The background to this is that there is often no connection to the Internet at the customer´s site, but there is at the loading bay. In addition, online loading makes it possible to match loading lists within seconds, even if goods are transferred at short notice. If there is no Internet at all at the goods issue point, the app can be synchronized in the office after route planning and at the end of the tour, making it completely offline-capable.

No. COSYS App can capture barcodes of any type to document all packages and load carriers important for track and trace. This includes 1D and 2D barcodes, NVEs and industry-specific labels such as the VDA label or CC TAG5. The barcode types that are allowed and those that the app is not allowed to capture are set once in the app.

The shipment tracking for the customer deliveries are called up via the web tool COSYS WebDesk. For this WebDesk you can activate shipment tracking for several users. This way you as a supplier track all shipments for each customer, but the customers only track their own orders. But you can also leave the tracking completely internal and just notify the customers automatically by mail when shipments are shipped and delivered.