After sales support and system maintenance contracts

With us, you have "one" contact person and person responsible for the entire system, consisting of hardware, software and all services related to your project.When using our service and support services via long-term system maintenance contracts, an experienced team of hardware and software specialists is permanently available to you by telephone and via remote support. If telephone support is ever insufficient and you need on-site support, our technicians will come to you (on-site) to ensure trouble-free operation.

Our goal is the maximum availability of the systems we use - the achievement of this goal can be secured through maintenance and support contracts for the overall system we supply.

Ongoing process optimization within the scope of system maintenance contracts

Furthermore, permanent process optimization within the framework of system maintenance contracts is becoming increasingly important.

With its "Process Improvement as a Service" strategy, COSYS provides its customers with standard solutions with ongoing optimization with regard to processes and the technologies used.

These ongoing optimizations (often within an industry solution) are also secured in the maintenance contracts and are made available to users via regular updates (silently).


Thanks to COSYS in-house technology and IT department, COSYS also supports the rollout of the devices and software systems. Immediately usable devices do not cause any expenses for own departments, the devices can be used directly.

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Commissioning and training

COSYS carries out the commissioning of the software systems directly. System administrators are trained to support in case of problems. User training through user documentation or on-site training is also possible.

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Maintenance contracts hardware and software

Maintenance contracts ensure the long-term use of the software. COSYS also offers maintenance contracts and fixed agreements for hardware.

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Manage device pool with COSYS

The device pool can be managed using various software tools. Tools can also be used to provide remote support for field staff or to simplify the rollout of updates.

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