We are COSYS!

For over 35 years, innovative technology and software solutions (complete systems) for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Hardware / Barcode Scanner / COSYS Mobility Software / COSYS Supply Chain Software and Services.

COSYS Barcode Komplettsysteme zur Mobilen Datenerfassung
COSYS Supply Chain Solutions We optimize your business processes !

COSYS is one of the leading software and service companies for the optimization of business processes along the entire value and supply chain - material flow optimization from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer and end customer through ident codes, scanners and software

COSYS Supply Chain Management Lösungen mit Mobile Datenerfassung zur Prozessoptimierung
COSYS Mobile Data Acquisition Software Solutions

Mobile Scanning is ready for App Store and Play Store! Mobility with COSYS Base Solutions: MDE modules for production, intralogistics, warehouse logistics, transport, delivery, retail, etc.

COSYS mobile Softwarelösungen und Apps zum Barcode Scanning
Hardware performance spectrum (AIDC)

MDE devices, handhelds, high-quality industrial PDA, smartphones, tablets, full-touch Android devices, 1D/2D handheld scanners, stationary ID and vision systems, mobile and stationary label printers, spare parts and accessories, protective bags, wall holders, spare parts and accessories, WLAN access points, barcode labels and consumables.

MDE Geräte und AIDC Hardware von COSYS zum Barcode Scanning
COSYS Data Processing

Big Data and Data Analysis made easy!

Application-specific data processing, with automatic data transfer to the ERP system via COSYS WebDesk.

COSYS Datenverarbeitung mit Big Data und Data Analytics
COSYS Cloud Solution

The affordable and fast total package for your digitization from a single source! No installation effort! No own IT! No own server! High data security with COSYS! Fast demo systems!

Providing and ensuring the ongoing operation of the mobile software and backend application software delivered by COSYS.

COSYS Cloud Lösungen als SaaS
COSYS Service and Support

Overall responsibility in COSYS hands. Carefree! We are there for you!

Whether we support one of our systems on your server, a complete cloud system or device support. For service, maintenance, and support contracts, we are there for you. Also 24/7 for many major customers in vital processes of their business.

COSYS Pre- und After Sales Service und Support für Software und Hardware
COSYS Inventurservice

For 3 decades our own successful business area !Planning, roll-out, implementation with COSYS rental equipment and COSYS software.

The highlight of the year for many is still the inventory madness. COSYS makes it calm and relaxed for you

COSYS Inventurservice zur Invneturgeräte Inventursoftware Miete
Barcode Scanning mit Smartphone Software

COSYS Barcode Scanning mit Smartphone Apps

Technologie und Leistungsspektrum

COSYS mobile software

On Android, IOS and Windows operating systems run countless apps and software modules,which can be configured and combined to customer solutions arbitrarily modular.

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COSYS Cloud Systeme

For COSYS Cloud solutions COSYS takes over the application hosting, the application management and the support / service completely.

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COSYS Big Data

High data volume, with fast processing from many data sources are merged, refined and evaluated in the COSYS Webdesk and with dashboards and graphics we show your process improvement potential.

More about COSYS Big Data

COSYS Individual

Individual, for a certain customer manufactured application software, both in small and mostly in large customer applications on the basis of established COSYS standards and technologies are for many years a success guarantor.

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Connection to ERP systems

Not only SAP, Microsoft NAV / AX /365, Sage, but just the breadth of the many industry-specific ERP systems to COSYS software can connect, generates great growth for COSYS.

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Convince yourself of the quality and strength of the COSYS Apps in the AppStore and Playstore live and as a free test version.

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Inventurservice COSYS Ident

COSYS is an inventory professional! Any kind of software on mobile devices, evaluation software in the backend, rental devices as smartphones or classic MDE devices are available for continuous or one-time inventory.

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Mobile Device Management

Many devices, many apps and constant changes of your system: SOTI and other device management systems help you to manage the changes efficiently.

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Service und Support COSYS

Software support and service for second and third level, application hosting in the cloud to service for hardware. COSYS delivers the after sales carefree package.

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Repair and Maintenance

COSYS has a wide range of repair and maintenance capabilities. COSYS repairs many types of devices no matter from which manufacturer it is, and whether it is an old or new device.

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Mobile data acquisition devices

For more than 30 years COSYS is the partner around barcode capture and mobile data capture. COSYS knows MDE devices, hand scanners and printers like no other. An own technical department can quickly repair devices and support in case of problems. COSYS can capacitively roll out and implement MDE devices from one device up to several thousand devices. You want to borrow MDE devices on short notice? COSYS has a several thousand units strong device pool!

Zebra TC25 MDE Gerät

Mobile Data Capture with Smartphone

More and more barcode scanning is done with cell phones and professional barcode performance scanning software + COSYS software.The market is growing rapidly and the technology is getting better and better and is already high performance and mature.

Business Smartphone

Smartphone Barcode Scanning


COSYS Playstore