Mail order software features:
  1. Retrieval of stored article information

  2. Manage the warehouse processes

  3. Returns processing thanks to mobile data capture

  4. Scan of the article code with MDE devices

  5. Manage item information

  6. Calling up the article history

  7. Inventory management in the warehouse

  8. Manage master data in COSYS WebDesk

  9. Data transfer to the backend

  10. Tracking the movement of goods

Mail order software advantages:
  1. Digitalization of the flow of goods in the mail order business

  2. Interfaces to all common as well as industry-specific ERP systems / enterprise resource planning systems

  3. Individual modules for customer-specific work steps

  4. Software can be used platform-independently

  5. Clear layout promotes quick familiarity with the software

  6. Modular structure promotes uncomplicated software use

  7. Time savings thanks to transparent business processes

  8. Transparent business processes save time and costs

  9. Ensuring traceable movement of goods