Company history of COSYS Ident GmbH

Dirk Baule has led the company as CEO and owner since 2006.
The strategic focus on MDE software and end-to-end system solutions (conversion to solution provider) started in 1990. The optimization of business processes in the simplest form for mobile inventory in large retail chains such as Metro, Woolworth, Praktiker, Esprit shaped the development and strong growth. During this time, ties with large industrial customers such as Mercedes, Bosch, Audi, Siemens, ZF were also created through competence in the area of 2D needle and laser coding (direct marking of parts) and their recording with special cameras.

Since 2006, Dirk Baule has been CEO and owner of the company.

Since 2016, management structures have been established below management and significantly more responsibility has been transferred to middle management and department heads in sales, IT and technology/project management and human resources/finance.

  • COSYS is historic

    It has grown as a hardware and service provider in the field of automatic identification and has been considered a pioneer of barcode technology in Germany since 1982.

  • Software programming since 2000

    In the 1990s, and intensively since 2000, attention began to be paid to software. It was built natively into mobile recording devices and handheld scanner software. The first mobile solutions were on Panasonic and BHT Denso´s own devices. Software programming has increased considerably since 2000.

  • General Manager of COSYS

    After a few less successful years from 2003 to 2006, Dirk Baule took over 100% of the company in 2006, restructured it and focused even more on software development and services.

  • Android and IOS solutions

    COSYS started developing Android operating systems on mobile devices in 2012. IOS software programs have also been available since 2017 and cell phone scanning software solutions have been consolidated.

  • Cloud operation

    In 2017 and especially in 2018, the share of cloud systems has grown significantly. Today, complete systems run in the cloud below the customer´s ERP systems 24 hours a day.

  • Increased growth

    In 2019, thanks to increasingly better and innovative solutions, many new major customers and corporations were won, but also the solid base of good smaller customers from medium-sized companies was strengthened.

  • Expansion of management

    The management of COSYS Ident GmbH was expanded in 2020 for a forward-looking strategic orientation and with the aim of constantly developing the company and successfully meeting market requirements. Since January 2020, Dirk Baule, Brian Kunze and Daniel Schulz have been jointly responsible for the management and development of the company.

In the coming years we will continue to pursue the goal of continuing the strong and intensive growth of COSYS Ident GmbH.

COSYS software and hardware competence

COSYS´ share of hardware remains comparatively high, as COSYS´ competencies in hardware and IT infrastructure remain an important competence component for customers in complete solutions. To this day, COSYS has assumed overall responsibility for hardware, software and infrastructure, and the wide range of complete solutions for automatic identification and data capture with its own outstanding software are a COSYS success factor and a unique selling point.

Company history Operating systems

Currently, Android and IOS are the dominant mobile operating systems.

COSYS was already developing software for this when the first Windows operating systems appeared on mobile devices. Today, COSYS is considered an innovative provider of customer-specific complete solutions in the field of mobile data acquisition for Android and IOS. Windows systems are also supported. Today, Android and IOS developments are being driven in COSYS, apps in the Appstore and Playstore and COSYS cloud systems are of utmost importance for the future.