CAPI interview functions:
  1. Answers in the form of previous software solutions (to damage, poor performance, lack of quality, etc.)

  2. Fast digital questionnaires, completion by yes / no answers

  3. Answers as free text input, operator comment field, etc.

  4. Online communication with the answering machine

  5. Selection list with freely definable simple answers (e.g. good/bad)

  6. Comment field question, multiple choice question

  7. Individual survey, group survey

  8. Quickly create surveys/surveys with WebDesk templates

  9. Signatures function

  10. Suggestions for improvement from employees

  11. Upload a new survey and import it to the mobile device

CAPI survey Advantages:
  1. Fast creation and evaluation of surveys

  2. Capture customer and employee opinions easily with mobile devices

  3. Better window dressing and display design

  4. Recognition of potential for improvement

  5. Improving customer loyalty through surveys and visual merchandising