Toy Wholesale / Toy Store Retail Software Functions:
  1. Digital implementation of the complaint processes

  2. Viewing the article history

  3. Data transfer to the backend / ERP system

  4. Article code capture via MDE device, smartphone, tablet

  5. Manage the article master

  6. Use of existing master data from the ERP system

  7. Article information can be retrieved at any time

  8. Create surveys for employees and customers

  9. Map warehouse processes digitally

  10. Deposit a comment of a return

  11. Digital birthday box

  12. Inventory by means of mobile data acquisition

  13. Mapping of goods receiving, stock transfer, picking and further

Toy wholesale / toy store retail software advantages:
  1. Interfaces to all common and industry-specific ERP systems / enterprise resource planning systems

  2. Strengthening customer loyalty

  3. Optimization of warehouse logistics

  4. Error reduction in internal work steps

  5. Creation of a basis for consultation

  6. Transactions can be evaluated in the backend

  7. Time saving for customer and employee when using a birthday box

  8. Inventory is digitized and made more time-saving

  9. Expansion of the flow of goods

  10. End of a paper and pen economy

  11. Returned items are automatically added to the inventory

  12. The entire flow of goods can be traced