Delivery solutions features:
  1. Customer information can be called up directly on the MDE device or smartphone

  2. Work steps are mapped on the mobile device

  3. Adding new customers in the software

  4. Digital management of shipments in the back end

  5. Captured data is transferred to the COSYS WebDesk

  6. Photos captured in the software solution are assigned to the respective article code

  7. TARGET / ACTUAL comparison when the shipments are handed over to the customer

  8. Shipment status available in the WebDesk

  9. Signature capture for added security

Delivery Solutions Advantages:
  1. Putting an end to pencil and paper management once and for all

  2. Signature function as well as photo capture provide proof and additional security

  3. Ensuring complete traceability of the delivery processes

  4. Constant data exchange via interface with the ERP system / merchandise management system

  5. Expansion of customer loyalty through retrievable customer information on the mobile device

  6. Software enables the evaluation and optimization of the flow of goods

  7. Customizable software modules for customer-specific processes

  8. No more incorrect package handovers thanks to TARGET/ACTUAL comparison with the delivery note/order