Price control software functions:
  1. Number of labels to be printed freely selectable

  2. Display of the deposited article text

  3. Current system price is displayed

  4. Maintain master data in the backend

  5. Acquisition of the article code on the price tag

  6. Data transfer between backend and mobile device

  7. MHD control to make price reduction

  8. Print trigger for new price label can be given in software

Price control software advantages:
  1. Tracking of price controls and price reductions

  2. Clear layout ensures quick familiarity with the software

  3. Products with a long shelf life are easier to sell thanks to price reduction

  4. Interfaces to all common and industry-specific ERP systems / merchandise management systems

  5. Print impulse immediately after article code scan

  6. Always current price tags

  7. Digitization of price control