Cloud solution operation service

Application Hosting & Application Management

COSYS also offers service and maintenance contracts for cloud solution operation.

The purpose of the service contracts is to provide and ensure the ongoing operation of the mobile software and backend application software supplied by COSYS.

This includes hosting of the solution by COSYS after initial commissioning of the application, as well as third-level software support and software maintenance of the COSYS application software.

The terms of the service contracts are usually 3-5 years and extend thereafter.

Scope of services Application Management

The scope of services of the Application Management of COSYS is possible as follows:

  • Receiving fault reports and customer orders during the agreed times via a hotline.

  • The provision of German-speaking or optionally English-speaking service specialists with state-of-the-art and appropriate product- and system-specific knowledge within the agreed service times.

  • Hotline support (questions about the operation of the system).

  • Response time and fault elimination at times agreed for fault classes / service levels.

  • Deploy patches, workarounds, updates, application software upgrades, and bring them into the system.

  • Remote diagnosis and elimination of software malfunctions, depending on infrastructures requirements and depending on agreed / available additional tools

    • Introduction of the necessary software updates in coordination with the customer

    • Error analysis and troubleshooting for incidents that cannot be resolved by the customer´s -First or Second Level Support as agreed.

  • Functional/safety checks after completion of maintenance work

Scope of services Application Hosting

The scope of services of hosting the COSYS application is possible as follows:

  • COSYS takes over the hosting of the systems for the operation of the application software. For this purpose, COSYS provides sufficiently dimensioned application servers according to the COSYS system requirements, if desired also with upstream load balancer to ensure a very high availability of the systems during service times (99% or more). Of course, COSYS also provides the software licenses required for operation.

  • Monitoring of the systems during the agreed service times by COSYS is also possible to ensure smooth operation of the components. In case of failures, a message is automatically triggered, which enables targeted intervention during service times.

  • The acceptance of faults by COSYS takes place during the agreed service hours and is part of the service agreement for the software hosting, as is any support that may be required.

  • Data backup and an archive backup can be ensured in freely selectable cycles.

  • COSYS takes care of the server patch management and the maintenance of the systems. For maintenance work that affects the use of the systems during service hours, COSYS agrees on an appropriate maintenance window with the customer.

Hotline, error classes and service level

COSYS provides a hotline for support with a corresponding support telephone number and a support e-mail address. The support hours are agreed including working days, weekend days and excluded holidays.

Extension of service hours
The service hours can be extended on a daily basis at the customer´s request for a fee.

Error classes / service level
If errors cannot be solved by the first level support and second level support of the customer, the third level support of COSYS is usually contacted.Second level is also possible after agreement with the customer. The first level is usually provided by the customer.

The following error classes are exemplary compatible with corresponding response times and error recovery times:

  • Error class 1 - Fatal errors

  • Defect class 2 - Serious defects

  • Defect class 3 - Other defects


Troubleshooting takes place without interruption within the service times. In the event of faults that extend beyond the service times, an agreement is reached on how to proceed.

Software upgrades, updates and patches

COSYS performs program updates and upgrades on the backend systems of test, integration and production environments.

COSYS ensures that the update of the operating systems of the servers can take place with updates of the manufacturer of the operating system. If updates of the operating system are not compatible, COSYS indicates this and establishes compatibility. This also includes security-relevant patches.

This also applies to operating system-related components of the operating system manufacturer.

Software updates, upgrades, and patches of the software supplied by COSYS, including the associated SQL scripts for adapting the database structure, are provided by COSYS in coordination with the customer and installed on the systems.

Errors due to third-party products, third-party hardware, etc.

For errors that are not caused by the components under maintenance (incl. third-party products such as hardware and mobile device software procured directly by the customer), COSYS will identify possible solutions and implement appropriate measures after receiving a corresponding order. The costs required for this shall be borne by the customer and shall be invoiced at agreed daily and hourly rates.

For Application Hosting & Management pricing, please contact your sales representative.