COSYS Software Solutions Mobile and Backend

COSYS solutions optimize different business processes. In the process, solutions are built from different software modules. Solutions are developed and provided for the different market participants from production, transportation, wholesale as well as mobile sales and retail.

COSYS software solutions are oriented towards the flow of materials and parts along the entire supply chain. Mobile data capture helps with the clear recording of items and thus creates more transparency about companies. Especially the tracking and recording of serial numbers helps to accelerate processes. Integrating data from business operations into long-term business planning and operational work helps the long-term profitable growth of your business.

Supply Chain Management Complete Solutions

COSYS complete solutions are used in all markets along the material and parts flow from production to the end customer. Building on technologies such as barcode capture, cloud services as well as the integration of employees via mobile devices, entire supply chains are becoming increasingly efficient and error-free.


Manufacturing Execution System Solutions:

Component tracing

Kanban withdrawal

Inventory management

Direct Part Marking

Batch tracking

Production order

Transport Management System Solution:

Loading / delivery scanning

Collection from customers


Shipment tracking (track and trace)

Package management

Warehouse Management System Solutions:

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Small Warehouse

Inventory management

Online Order Customer Order

Evaluations, statistics and key figures

Mobile Sales Solutions:

Mobile driving sale

Field service software

Direct Store Delivery

Retail Management Solutions:


Inventory management

POS Software

Branch exchange

COSYS Industry Solutions

COSYS provides industry-specific complete solutions to meet special requirements depending on the industry affiliation. COSYS industry-specific know-how ensures the long-term operation of the solutions to optimize business processes using mobile data capture.

Grocery Branche COSYS


Perfumery / Beauty Branche COSYS

Perfumery / Beauty

Tobacco Branche COSYS


Flower wholesale / flower store Branche COSYS

Flower wholesale / flower store

Convenience store (general store) Branche COSYS

Convenience store (general store)

Wholesale plumbing supplies / building materials trade Branche COSYS

Wholesale plumbing supplies / building materials trade

Technical trade Branche COSYS

Technical trade

Shipbuilding and shipyards Branche COSYS

Shipbuilding and shipyards

Forwarding agencies / parcel services Branche COSYS

Forwarding agencies / parcel services

Mail order Branche COSYS

Mail order

Automotive industry Branche COSYS

Automotive industry

Automotive supplier Branche COSYS

Automotive supplier

Electrical industry

Mechanical and plant engineering Branche COSYS

Mechanical and plant engineering

Pharmaceutical industry / pharmaceutical wholesale Branche COSYS

Pharmaceutical industry / pharmaceutical wholesale

Building markets / building trade Branche COSYS

Building markets / building trade

Toys wholesale / toy store retail Branche COSYS

Toys wholesale / toy store retail

Leather & Shoe wholesale and retail Branche COSYS

Leather & Shoe wholesale and retail

Screw trade / Screw manufacturer Branche COSYS

Screw trade / Screw manufacturer

Textile wholesale and retail Branche COSYS

Textile wholesale and retail

Logistics and postal companies

Trade fairs


Rail vehicles



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