COSYS native applications

Not every app is the same! Every app has different functions that are designed to make the user´s life easier. There are also differences in app development. People often distinguish between native apps, web apps and hybrid apps when developing apps. But how do they work and how are they adapted to your needs?


Before developing an app, it is usually crucial to specialize in one device. But this is not so easy. That is why the so-called multiplatforming was developed. It is a concept that allows developers and users to use the same application on different devices.

COSYS native applications

What is a native application

Even though every app looks normal from the outside, there are differences when you look behind the scenes.The construction of the app depends on your actual purpose. A native app is installed directly on the end device. Especially for more complex projects with a performance-sapping user interface, it makes sense to use native apps, since they require unrestricted access to the hardware.

COSYS´ use of tools like Xamarin allows us to drive our cross-platform development. Here, a universal language is used and translated into the respective native language in order to be able to exploit the performance of native apps.

Native Android application

Native Android applications developed by COSYS can also be developed on iOS despite their hardware dependency through Xamarin. COSYS repertoire of native apps, called BaseSolutions, offers everything you need to improve your supply chain.

COSYS native applications Android

COSYS native applications Windows

Native Windows CE application

Windows CE applications are also supported by COSYS. These perform optimally for your devices, as the programs are specialized for Windows devices.

Advantages native applications:
  1. Better performance and usability

  2. Ability to handle complex operations without sacrificing performance

  3. Integration of the app into the operating system

  4. Online and offline capability

  5. Custom development and optimization for any platform, e.g. iOS, Android and Windows

Disadvantages native applications:
  1. Are more complex to adjust

  2. In principle, individual code must be written for each platform

When is a native application needed

If your ideas for your app match our standard software, it makes sense to create a native application. Our BaseSolutions are available for Windows, Android and iOS. The basic framework is already ready and only needs to be configured for you. In addition, the application is completely offline capable, because it runs stand alone on the devices.The device independence is not completely impossible with native apps. For this, COSYS uses Xamarin: It allows to develop platform independent apps that run on Android, Windows or Mac as well as on iOS. The apps have a common code base and are therefore easier to transfer to different platforms.

Important hardware functions:
  1. Aim of the development

  2. Field of application of the product

  3. Product overview and product environment

  4. Functions