Pallet account functions:
  1. Signature capture during handover

  2. Overview of the pallet account and movements in COSYS WebDesk

  3. Parts lists for specific load carriers

  4. Pallet account available as on-premise or cloud solution

  5. Automatic backups in the COSYS backend (only for cloud solutions)

  6. Printing and sending pallet account reports

  7. Assignment of pallets to a customer

  8. Detection of the pallets on exits and entrances

  9. Damage documentation through photo capture

  10. Flexible connections and interfaces to other systems (e.g. SAP)

  11. Import and export function for master data and pallet account data

  12. Automated e-mail notification of pallet status

Pallet account advantages:
  1. Registration and tracking of all pallets and loading equipment

  2. Adaptations of the pallet account software to customer-specific processes

  3. Elimination of paper-based processes reduces susceptibility to errors

  4. Transparency in transport processes

  5. Intuitive UI for easy operation

  6. Minimization of loading shrinkage

  7. Cost and time savings