Leather & Shoe Wholesale and Retail Software Features:
  1. Retrieval of stored article data

  2. Retrieve the article history

  3. Use of MDE devices, smartphones and tablets as mobile terminals

  4. Rejected items are automatically posted back to inventory

  5. Create surveys and forms for employees and customers

  6. Digital mapping of the processes in the flow of goods

  7. Manage the item information

  8. Inventory by means of mobile data acquisition

  9. Processing of complaints

  10. Maintaining the inventory

  11. Deposit comments for return orders

  12. Digitize warehouse processes

Leather & Shoe wholesale and retail software advantages:
  1. Time savings thanks to digital processes

  2. Optimization of the flow of goods

  3. Creation of a basis for consultation in terms of inventory and price

  4. Traceability of the entire flow of goods is ensured

  5. Expansion of warehouse logistics

  6. End of a paper and pen economy

  7. Promoting customer loyalty

  8. Platform-independent

  9. Error reduction and fast detection of weak points in internal work steps

  10. As a stand-alone solution or with connection to all common ERP systems / merchandise management systems

  11. Monitoring of transactions in the COSYS backend

  12. Time-saving and effective inventory