Retail Management Functions:
  1. Consisting of individual solutions to map complex processes transparently

  2. Provides the basis of future business optimization

  3. Collecting mission critical data

  4. Mapping of processes along the entire retail supply chain

  5. Processing of large amounts of data to evaluate the effectiveness of the flow of goods

  6. Monitor business activities

  7. Mapping of a traceable goods movement

Retail Management Advantages:
  1. Ease of use and implementation

  2. Better availability of products to increase customer satisfaction

  3. Better inventory management through more accurate safety stock specifications

  4. Inventory management with target and actual data reconciliation

  5. Connection options to common and industry-specific ERP systems / enterprise resource planning systems

  6. Quick familiar layout

  7. Reduction of inventory differences

  8. Solid basis for decision-making by calculating and providing logistic key performance indicators (KPI) according to your needs

  9. Optimization of intralogistic processes