Partnership with COSYS Ident GmbH

Are you looking for a strong business partner in the field of automatic identification and supply chain management?
Then COSYS is the right place for you. With COSYS as your partner, you have one of the leading companies in the field of barcode scanning and automatic identification at your side and can open up new sectors and markets together with us. As a sales partner, benefit from the rapid market growth in the field of mobile business software solutions and a close exchange of know-how.

A cooperation with COSYS brings you decisive advantages depending on the type of cooperation:

  1. Access to interface and middleware expertise for almost all common ERP systems

  2. Access to COSYS process know-how and consultancy in the area of MDE

  3. Joint use of sales channels with an appropriate constellation of partners

  4. Development of new industries and markets due to the rapid growth in demand for MDE software solutions.

  5. Access to the proven COSYS MDE standard modules at the best possible conditions

Manufacturer´s affiliate programs

Manufacturer´s affiliate programs

Increase the awareness of your barcode scanning technology together with COSYS and increase your sales figures. Together we sell your hardware or technology in the growing Auto-ID market and use common sales channels. In addition, we create completely new solutions to optimize business processes.

ERP / inventory management vendor partner programs

ERP / inventory management vendor partner programs

As a merchandise management and ERP partner, you will work with us to develop standardized MDE solutions for your ERP and merchandise management system and create new interfaces/connections for the MDE software to your system.

Partnership for distribution

Partnership for distribution

Together we develop an MDE solution and a standard interface for your merchandise management system. With the hardware and software components used for this purpose, we attach particular importance to ease of implementation and openness of the system.

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If you have any questions or need more information, simply contact us, we will answer your questions and will be happy to help you.

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