Load management / container management functions:
  1. Import/export functions for master and transaction data

  2. Overview of loading equipment accounts, inventory and movement lists in COSYS WebDesk

  3. OnPremise or Cloud Backend

  4. Photo capture for damage/quality documentation

  5. Report printing and shipping

  6. Parts lists for specific containers (e.g. from pallet + frame + lid)

  7. Recording the outputs and inputs of loading equipment and containers for transport

  8. Assignment to customers

  9. Signature capture

  10. automatic data backup in the COSYS backend

  11. Flexible connection options and interfaces to other systems

  12. automatic e-mail notification

Load management / container management Advantages:
  1. Error reduction through elimination of paper-based processes (digitization, sustainability)

  2. Minimization of load/container shrinkage

  3. Simple operation through user-friendly and intuitive interfaces

  4. Simple recording and tracing of all loading equipment and containers

  5. specific adaptation possibilities of the COSYS software to the individual customer process

  6. Time and cost optimization

  7. Manufacturer-, device- and technology-independent

  8. transparent processes