Transport Management System

Transport Management System

The challenges facing the transport and logistics sector are increasing rapidly. Ensuring short delivery times with high delivery quality and service orientation is just one of the few requirements that customers expect.

Transport Management System at SCM

Transport Management System, in short TMS, is a big term and the application areas are diverse: intralogistics, dispatching, mail order, wholesale and more. COSYS TMS software solutions are divided into: Parcel Management, Electronic Route Management and Load Management. With any TMS software from COSYS, the focus is on tracking the parcels and goods. Tracking is enabled by modern barcode technology. This provides users with transparency and absolute traceability at the shipment and package level.

The installation of the software is up to you. Each solution can be operated on its own or seamlessly integrated into existing system landscapes. To install the system, you either use COSYS Software as a Service or operate the system classically as an On Premise variant.

The COSYS Transport Management System offers you as much standard as possible and as much customization as necessary. The modular software structure ensures a flexible yet solid basic framework, as do the numerous setting options with regard to features and functions. The various settings are based on hundreds of customer projects and thus come directly from day-to-day business. From practice for practice. Market requirements, industry specifications and individual customer processes are taken into account.

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Transport Management

The solutions in the area of transport management are divided into mobile route processing and loading equipment management. A combination of the two transport solutions is possible without any problems. Both solutions are used in wholesale and already have industry-specific functions for the HVAC and building materials trade, automotive suppliers, electrical wholesalers and technical trade in the standard scope.

With COSYS Transport Management, you not only get seamless delivery and load carrier documentation, but your employees are efficiently guided through the processes. In mobile tour processing, a driver app ensures that everything is loaded and unloaded according to the loading list and delivery bill. For each tour stop and package, your fleet receives sufficient documentation with proof of delivery and information on damage and problems. You benefit from a cleanly managed pallet exchange via a loading equipment management system integrated separately or in the driver app.

Package management

Package management solutions include the three application areas: Parcel transport, parcel store and in-house mail distribution. These address delivery services, parcel stores and larger companies with regular in-house mail volumes. Although the solutions differ, they pursue the same goals. These goals include shipment tracking, error-free parcel acceptance and delivery, and good service, for example in the form of automatic e-mail notification when parcels arrive or are delivered.

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In the area of package management, an iOS app or Android or iOS software on tablets can be a good alternative to MDE devices. The tablet and cell phone cameras have a comparable scanning performance to classic MDE devices, but are cheaper or even already available in companies.

Transport Management System Functions:
  1. supports Android and iOS

  2. Photo and damage documentation

  3. digital signature capture

  4. Online/offline capability

  5. Data acquisition via barcode scans

Transport Management System Advantages:
  1. Software and hardware contact person in one

  2. sustainable and efficient processes

  3. Time and cost savings

  4. Transparency and traceability

  5. user-friendly and intuitive application

Transport Management Software

By combining the COSYS mobile app and COSYS WebDesk application in all our TMS solutions, your employees at the ramp, the drivers and employees in the central goods receiving department work efficiently as well as the dispatchers, back office employees and customer service. The use and integration of state-of-the-art technologies and designs provide additional usability, sustainability and workload reduction.

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Software solutions in TMS

Learn more about the solution that is interesting for your company. Are you looking for a solution to make parcel volumes transparent? Then you will find what you are looking for with COSYS Parcel Management Solutions and benefit from simple digitization via barcode scans. Your wholesale business lacks transparency in customer deliveries or loading equipment inventories? Then read about how easy it is to solve these problems in mobile tour processing or loading equipment management.

Make your loading equipment inventories transparent and easily manage pallet accounts per customer.

Loading equipment management

For complete delivery documentation and faster customer deliveries, click here.

Mobile tour handling

Learn more about the solutions for in-house mail distribution, parcel store and parcel transport.

Package management

COSYS WebDesk – Touren- und Stammdaten Verwaltung und Sendungsverfolgung

To enable you to optimally manage your master data and tour data with the Transport Management System, we offer you the browser-based COSYS WebDesk. The COSYS WebDesk is the central administration and processing software of the TMS and includes all tour and master data. Tours, orders and shipments are clearly displayed in tabular form in the COSYS WebDesk and contain all important information and details as well as the current status of the tours / shipments. An integrated map in the COSYS WebDesk shows the course of each tour as well as the last known location and thus enables a detailed tracking of shipments. In addition, COSYS WebDesk provides you with a complete shipment history with all status changes as well as photos and signatures captured by the driver. With the COSYS WebDesk of the Transport Management System you thus have the right tool to manage route and master data as well as to track shipments without gaps.

COSYS TMS – Dokumente

With COSYS Transport Management Solutions we offer everything to optimize your intralogistics and transport logistics. Our portfolio of TMS solutions primarily covers the areas of parcel management, customer delivery and loading equipment management. We have summarized each of these three areas in a clear PDF document with screenshots of the mobile app and the web tool. You will also find specific areas of application in the documents.

FAQs about the Transport Management System

COSYS Transport Management System can easily be used as middleware to ERP systems. The data exchange between the two systems takes place via an interface of your choice, for example file interface, database interface or web APIs. COSYS TMS is already in use with SAP, SAGE as well as Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, among others.

A transport management system is used in logistics, more precisely in the transport of goods and commodities. It consists of software that supports dispatching in the planning of tours and relieves drivers in the loading and delivery of transport units. In addition, completed and ongoing tours can be viewed and processed live, thus ensuring a digital track and trace.

COSYS Container Management is a part of the Transport Management System. It is possible to use a separate software for recording containers or as a part of the transport software, where also the loading and delivery of each customer delivery is tracked.

If you have your own fleet of vehicles and trucks, optimize logistics with a Transport Management System. With COSYS Transport Management System you get a web tool for route planning and tracking of current and completed tours and a mobile software that guides your drivers through loading and delivery. Incorrect deliveries, shrinkage and unnecessary journeys are thus avoided and proof of delivery is created digitally in black and white.

In the field of transport and logistics, TMS stands for Transport Management System and sometimes also for Transport Management Software. What is meant by both terms is that one´s own logistics (internal or external to customers) are optimized. COSYS TMS primarily optimizes the transport of parcels and goods and ensures seamless shipment tracking.

COSYS software solutions for package management and transport management differ in logic and modules. Each software is composed of modules tailored to processes in the different areas. Parcel Management mainly considers modules for sender-receiver processes, i.e. parcel acceptance, pickup or delivery. The Transport Management software, on the other hand, documents B2B deliveries and route processing.

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