When is mobile data collection needed :
  1. In the event of a high rate of complaints from customers

  2. In the event of a high volume of returns

  3. When required by clients, agencies, and governments, such as through ordinances and regulations

  4. With a high volume of shipments and orders

  5. In case of inaccurate stock levels and resulting delays and delivery bottlenecks

Advantages Mobile Data Capture :
  1. Avoidance of data/media discontinuities

  2. Avoidance of unnecessary walking paths and

  3. Uncovering potential savings through increased process and data transparency, e.g. through the use of supply chain management software

  4. Increase in process efficiency through general optimization of time and resources

  5. Always up-to-date database (with online connection, e.g. with WLAN, LTE)

  6. Plausibility checks during data entry prevent input errors, already during data entry

  7. Avoidance of transmission errors in merchandise management

  8. Avoidance of empty runs

  9. Avoidance of double data entry