Fashion, Textile, Perfumery, Beauty Software Features:
  1. Automatic data transfer to the COSYS back-end

  2. Article movement is digitally mapped by means of COSYS article management

  3. Comments can be entered on returns

  4. Traceability is ensured through regular item scanning

  5. Returns are processed by article code scan and quantity indication

  6. Item information is retrieved by item code scan

Fashion, Textile, Perfumery, Beauty Software Advantages:
  1. Connection to all common and industry-specific ERP systems possible

  2. Traceability of the flow of goods is ensured

  3. Modular design keeps the right module ready for every work step

  4. Time and cost savings through effective resource allocation thanks to digital and transparent business processes

  5. Can be used independent of platform

  6. User-friendly layout ensures quick familiarity with fashion, textile, perfumery, beauty software

  7. Individual software modules for the digitization of customer-specific processes.

  8. Digitization of work steps along the flow of goods