Shipbuilding and shipyards software features:
  1. Traceability of goods movement is enabled by article code scan in various work steps

  2. Mobile data collection is enabled by smartphones, tablets and MDE devices

  3. Data transfer to the back-end takes place when an Internet connection is available

  4. Material requirements can be assigned to a production order

  5. Quality management allows the feedback of the goods quality

  6. Work processes in shipbuilding and shipyards are mapped digitally

Shipbuilding and shipyards software advantages:
  1. Interfaces to all common as well as industry-specific ERP systems

  2. Modular design ensures uncomplicated application

  3. Quick familiar layout

  4. Customization

  5. Tracking the movement of goods

  6. Platform-independent

  7. Digitalization of business processes in the shipbuilding and shipyards industry

  8. Time and cost savings thanks to transparent processes