COSYS Cloud Computing

COSYS On Premise

COSYS On Premise (in-house solution) is the counterpart to the use as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the COSYS Cloud.

COSYS On Premise Solution

Our powerful COSYS On Premise Backend is installed as an installation package on a virtual/physical server.

In addition to the application server, the database and the COSYS WebService, this also includes the COSYS WebDeskof the data visualized.

Combined with a COSYS MDE solution for your mobile devices, you get a completely operational solution.

Oft wird statt der COSYS On Premise Solution auch die Nutzung als Software as a Service (SaaS) in der COSYS Cloudpreferred. Cloud applications are particularly useful if data is to be accessed from multiple locations or if you do not want to provide your own resources.

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How does the deployment and commissioning of COSYS On Premise solutions work?

You buy or rent COSYS software and operate it under your own responsibility in your own data center or on rented servers of a third-party data center (On Premises).

In the case of more complex installations, the definition of the software processes and functions is first worked out via a requirements and specifications document.

For the commissioning and installation of the COSYS backend components, you, as the customer/licensee, provide a server and send COSYS the corresponding access data. Our IT specialists then perform the installation via remote access. COSYS usually has no or only limited access to the systems beyond the commissioning, for example to provide support or previously defined updates.

After the installation of the test and/or production system, training and handover to your in-house IT/service provider can take place.

Long-term support of the system and service and support by COSYS - depending on the agreed service contract - secure the investment.

COSYS On Premise Backend Components:

  1. COSYS WebService: Web service for data communication between server and client

  2. COSYS WebDesk : central control element, in the form of a web-based administration and post-processing software for data visualization and management

  3. preconfigured web browser (Mozilla Firefox)

  4. Interface modules

  5. Application Server

Diverse connection and interface options to ERP or other customer systems

COSYS is experienced in connecting the COSYS backend (on premise or cloud) to various customer-specific databases, data files, and other ERP and customer systems.

Through a variety of different connection paths and the customer-specific adaptability of the individual interface types, COSYS offers the greatest possible flexibility in the integration of the COSYS solution into existing systems.