Container management functions:
  1. Good connectivity and interfaces

  2. Function to capture photos during damage/quality documentation

  3. Report printing and shipping

  4. automatic e-mail notification

  5. Captured data in OnPremise or Cloud backend

  6. Customers can be assigned

  7. Signature capture

  8. Overview in the COSYS WebDesk

  9. Data is automatically backed up in the COSYS backend

  10. Master and transaction data can be imported

  11. Component list for specific containers

  12. Digital recording and documentation of containers

Container Management Advantages:
  1. independent of manufacturer, equipment and technology

  2. Error reduction through sustainability

  3. Monitoring of movements and locations

  4. Fewer lost containers

  5. Customization options of the COSYS software to the individual customer process

  6. Good overview of all processes

  7. simple operation of the software

  8. Cost and time savings