NVE Software Functions:
  1. Sending and receiving shipping notifications

  2. Goods receipt posting

  3. Cross docking

  4. Manage the NVE

  5. Capture of NVE packages

  6. Picking of articles and NVEs

  7. Track and Trace

  8. Transport and shipping

  9. Aggregation repackaging of NVEs

  10. Tracking the NVE

NVE Software Advantages:
  1. Assignment of articles and packages of an order and NVE

  2. Transport optimization before and during the unloading process

  3. Compliance with industry requirements

  4. Faster and easier goods collection

  5. Transparency along the supply chain

  6. Fewer complaints ensure low workload

  7. Capture of delivery bills by barcode scan

  8. Support in the implementation of a legal track and trace

  9. Reduction of downtimes during time slot booking